Coins can be purchased using a variety of different services, such as credit card, a telephone service, a Ukash card and via SMS. The credits are stored in the user's purse, accessible in any public or private room as well as on the Hotel view and while logged in on the website. They can also be redeemed into Exchange, which displays the Coins as an item of virtual furniture; the furniture can then be traded among users, and redeemed back into Coins.

Exchange is Habbo Currency which can be transferred from real money to habbo money. The user must first pay Habbo to receive the exchange (coins). Exchange are mainly used to buy HC (Habbo Club) which gives the user extra features such as New Colours, New Clothes, New Looks etc.

  • Bronze Coin = 1 Habbo Coin
  • Silver Coin = 5 Habbo Coins
  • Gold Coin = 10 Habbo Coins
  • Sack = 20 Habbo Coins
  • Gold Bar = 50 Habbo Coins

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