Furniture or "Furni" is items habbo users use to decorate thier rooms. Furnitures can be stacked to be suspended in the air. Thier are 2 types of furniture Hello funiture and regular furniture. Hello furniture is free furni that can be bought with pixels. Although this furniture is free it is very limited. Hello furniture come in 6 colors ornge, blue, red, light blue, pink, and yello. Hello is only made up of starter chairs, starter tables, starter stools, starter rugs, starter lamps, and lucky bamboo. The other furniture can only be bought with coins certan furnitures are called "rares". Rares are furniture that are not avlible in the catalouge, this make the price of that furniture go up. The furniture that is currently in the catalouge are: Limited Edition, Trophies, Spotlight, The Wedding, Accessories, Country, Spaces, Windows, Mode, Plants, Plasto, Posters and Flags, Pura, Rollers, Rugs, Sports, Releports, and SciFi.

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