BattleBall, SnowStorm, Wobble Squabble, and Diving are all games that are run by Habbo. In BattleBall, players must capture the most amount of squares as possible and color them their team colour. SnowStorm is similar to a skirmish or third-person shooting game; players throw snowballs at each other and gain points each time a snowball hits another player or knocks them down.

Wobble Squabble and Diving can be played in the various pool rooms in Habbo and are unlike BattleBall and SnowStorm in that they are not "team" games. In Wobble Squabble, two players face each other and try to knock each other off "floaties" in a pool by pressing various button combinations to unbalance their opponent. Diving is a single-player game where users can dive while performing tricks in-air; afterwards other users rate their dive.

Also, Habbo's can make their own games in their rooms like, Falling Furni (often abbreviated FF), Kick wars, Team Kick wars, Cozzie Change, Defend your pod, Don't say yes or no, Don't touch the floor and more. Wobble Squabble also can be found in user made rooms. This wobble squabbles goal is to push the other player to the mat that thier started at.

Rules to games (only the ones listed abo):

Falling Furni: This game is similar to musical chairs. The host adds one sitable furniture to the room ( the same amount of the players minus 1) after all the players sitt in a chair the one not in a chair looses. Keep repeating this by taking 1 chair each round until the last one is standing.

Kick wars: Each player starts by runnig to thier teleporter in each lane then they will be teleported to a room with open rights. Each player tries to kick eachother the one that is not kicked wins.

Team Kick wars: Similar to kick wars but it uses a team (it is recomended that the owner of the game should make 3 rooms (not counting the lobby room where each team is at durning the start) A base for the 1st team and one for the other and a middle room where both teams are able to get to each others base and then came int he telle the other team came in). After each palyer is out all the pther 3 rooms what ever player is left will be counted as a point for the other team.

Cozzie Change: Change your avatars look to what the host ask ( e.g. animal).

Defend your pod: Somewhat similar to Falling Furni. Each player will have a pod chair to sit in then 1 will be removed. Then the other pods will be moved around. The player without a pod at the end of the round will  be eliminated.

Dont Say Yes or No: 3 diffent people will ask a questions and you cannot give 1 word answers or say yes and no. But there are trick questions like what is a T-Rex: DiNOsaur where you can be eliminated.

Dont Touch the Floor: Where each player will stand on a mat suspended in the air and try to knock eachother to the floor. Whoever hits the floor fist wins.

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